ALPHAPEC 820 Nuke Reconnaissance Drones
The ALPHAPEC 820 is a nuclear reconnaissance drone.
ALPHAPEC 520 Handheld Fluorescent Explosives Detector
ALPHAPEC 520 handheld fluorescent explosives detector is a professional hand held substance identification instrument with the advantages of small in size, light in weight, and powerful management and computing functions.
ALPHAPEC 9200 NBC Reconnaissance Robot
ALPHAPEC 9200 NBC reconnaissance robot can be used for reconnaissance and rescue of NBC polluted environment, sampling of NBC pollutants, and decontamination of NBC polluted environment.
ALPHAPEC 800 Handheld Chemical Toxic Agent Detector
ALPHAPEC 800 Handheld Chemical Toxic Agent Detector is a detection instrument independently designed and manufactured by the company for rapid detection of trace chemical toxins and radioactive substances (optional).