ALPHAPEC 5060 Lightweight Fourier Toxic Gas Detector

ALPHAPEC 5060 Lightweight Fourier Toxic Gas Detector can quickly and accurately detect and alarm various ppm-level chemical warfare agents (CWA) and industrial toxic and harmful gases (TIC)
Description Review
Product Usage
ALPHAPEC 5060 lightweight Fourier transform infrared detector mainly adopts Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy technology, combined with ultra-small volume, strong corrosion resistance, and highly reliable 3m optical path absorption cell, it can realize the detection of various ppm level chemical warfare agents (CWA) and Rapid and accurate detection of industrial toxic and harmful gases (TIC).The instrument adopts the double-angle mirror torsion interferometer structure independently developed by the company, which has the characteristics of good stability, strong vibration resistance, and long service life; Multiple, low detection limit, light weight, low energy consumption, can be equipped with various mobile platforms such as small drones and robots, and can quickly measure and alarm on the move.

Technical Indicators

Product Technical Advantages
1. The light-weight Fourier transform infrared detector is highly integrated with internal optics, hardware and other modules, and has strong technical advantages. It is the first in China;
2. The whole machine is highly integrated, powerful, and small in size and weight, and can be used in various platform detection scenarios such as man-portable, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned robots;
3. The instrument has many types of detection and high sensitivity, and realizes the monitoring and alarm of dozens of ppm concentrations of multi-component chemical warfare agents and toxic and harmful gases, and can be expanded according to users;
4. The power consumption of the whole instrument is low, and the built-in 1860 lithium battery can continuously supply power for more than 4 hours at room temperature;
5. The instrument has high detection reliability, adopts professional multi-component gas qualitative and quantitative algorithms, and is suitable for mixed gas detection and analysis in various complex environments.

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