ALPHAPEC 5400 Stand-off FT-IR Detector

ALPHAPEC 5400 is a highly reliable and robust stand-off detector that can automatically detect, identify and monitor all known CWAs and TICs at long distances.
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Based on passive Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) technology, ALPHAPEC 5400 can detect and analyze the agent or type, class, concentration and dosage of chemical agent clouds in the atmosphere at long distances.

The dimension and movement of the clouds can be estimated and demonstrated in real time by using a software kit. Additionally, it sounds both aural and visual alarms to excess harmful gases.

The passive detection system can be deployed for 360°and (pitching angle) 60°remote sensing of threats at distance up to 5.000 meters.


l Powerful Detection Capability

ü Uses the high-performance and long-life Stirling Cooled MCT detector

ü Detects CWAs and TICs in the low ppb range

ü Integrated with a precision optical pan-tilt scanner to reach all-around and long-distance surveillance

ü Runs on high-speed and stable optical-mechanical hardware systems, to achieve a quick scan of 4cm-1/32 frames per second

l Reliable Environmental Adaptability

ü Operating temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

ü Storage temperature: -40℃ to +50℃

ü Explosion-proof grade: Ex db IIB T4 Gb

ü Decon: IP65

ü Anti-vibration performance: compliant GJB150.16A-2009, no degradation in performance on the move in vehicles, ships or aircraft

l Advanced Software Algorithm

ü Combined with hundreds of CWAs and TICs

ü Detects and analyze the mixtures with at least 6 gases

ü Operates under the complex and dark circumstances without external light source

ü Self-inspection, self-calibration and self-diagnosis of path interference

l Expandable Product Functions

ü Integrated with multi-functional display terminal for daily monitoring, threat identification, acoustooptics alarm and data storage

ü Easily mounted on a movable carrier like vehicle, vessel, aircraft and drone

l Extremely Low Maintenance Costs

ü Utilizes FT-IT technology for non-contact sampling at long distances

ü No consumables, No radioactive source, No secondary pollution

ü Easy to install, and easy to use


Spectrum range

600cm-1 ~ 1500cm-1


hundreds of CWAs and TICS (initial 46 types, and expandable to 460 types)

Detection distance

≥ 5km


4cm-1 (regular) ~ 1cm-1 (highest)

Scanning speed

32 frames per second (resolution 4cm-1)

Response time

Less than 3 seconds

Detection sensitivity

Ammonia, 20ppm·m (cloud thickness 1m, temperature difference 2℃)

Beam splitter

ZnSe beam splitter (made in China)


Stirling Cooled MCT detector (working life>20.000h)

Telescope magnification

3 times, full filed vision: 10mrad

Pan-tilt angle

vertical -60°to +60°, horizontal 0 to 360°, rotate speed 0.1°/s to 60°/s (speed is adjustable)

Visible camera

wave band 0.4 ~ 0.9um, resolution 1920×1080, 8×zoom, 1×filed vision 59.6°


Network, 5G (optional)


AC 220V

Host machine

Dimensions ≤ 520×40×230mm; Weight ≤ 28kg

Pan-tilt machine

Dimensions ≤ 300×260×320mm; Weight ≤ 22kg


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